Thursday, 7 May 2015
From 10:00am
Undercroft 101

What is CS + X?

Discover the fun, inspiring, and unexpected ways that computer science impacts our world and relates to the topics that you are passionate about. The CS + X Festival will feature talks, workshops, and videos by a diverse range of industry professionals and researchers—from games to government, from astronomy to transportation, and beyond!

2015 Schedule + Speakers

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2015 CS + X Festival

Enjoy our debrief of the 2015 CS + X Festival with photos and haikus! Thank you to all of our amazing speakers, to everyone that attended, to our sponsor Richard Green, and last but not the least, thank you to all the helpers—volunteers from CompSoc, volunteers from Computer Chicks, and our honourary CSer Cassandra Mudgway.

Yours Sincerely,
The CS + X team: Rahn Kim, Shaina Koval, Matt Barton, Isabelle Taylor, Rose Grundy, Marcus Stenfert Kroese, and Clare Ford.


Tim Bell presents his CS Unplugged workshop.

Sorting algorithms IRL at the CS Unplugged workshop.

Speaker Chris Chen (left) and event co-organiser Rose get pumped listening to the talks.

Chris Chen shares his passion for the security and integrity requirements of voting in the modern age.

To the sun, the stars, the moon and back with Toby Hendy's CS + Stars talk.

Toby Hendy explains how astronomy has moved physically farther away from the telescope thanks to the help of computer science.

Richard Green introducing his research in computer vision.

Testing the limits of computer vision with unusual body positions—like Richard's handstand!

Ben Maher shows how every piece of knowledge, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, can be used in game design.

Setting up the Oculus Rift with event co-organiser Marcus!

Booths featuring a poster of the "Misfits of Computer Science," What She Said STEM Issue zines, CS haikus, Twitter feed poetry and more.

Submissions for CS-related haikus.

The Oculus Rift.

A great turnout for Ben's talk on video game design.

The CS + X videos were a great draw for passers-by.

Event co-organiser Clare and CompSoc president Carina getting their Rift on.

Everyone's excited about the Oculus Rift!

Speaker Ravishka pre-talk.

Ravishka Arthur gives a taste of what forensics really looks like when combined with CS.

So much focus during the FabLab workshop.

Taking in some culture with the CS-themed haikus.

Working on LED bracelets at the FabLab workshop.

1st Place Haiku: Cassandra Mudgway

3rd Place Haiku: Matt Barton

After the event, so much new CS knowledge make designer Shaina Koval unable to hold so many posters.


We had some great haiku submissions at our CS + Haiku table!

I'm really sorry
But I don't know anything
About computers
-Cassandra Mudgway 1st

Not even Dijkstra
Can find an optimal path
Through your reasoning
-Chris Wong 2nd

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
Magical stuff happening
Oh my gosh, please work!
-Matt Barton 3rd

Submitting haikus
Gets me so many prizes
This is so meta

A drone soars above
The power of programming
Fingertips breathe life
-Marcus Stenfert Kroese

Copy and paste master
Googling things all day long
How do I do this
-Shaina Koval

CSS is hard :(
Bootstrap comes to save the day!
Styling like a pro :D

My moon based death ray
Panics the people of Earth
Mock my theories now

Python, you're a beaut
I'll tenderly indent you
My first comp sci love
-Rahn Kim

A counting sort and
Beautiful lambda function
results in radix
-Rose Grundy

Learn More: TED Talks

Did you miss our festival? Never fear! Here's our selection of TED talks that embody the spirit of CS + X! Get a taste for all the exciting ways computer science integrates with other disciplines.

X = Music

Ge Wang, musician and computer scientist, makes “computer music,” new instruments, and social apps.

X = Computer Vision Recognition

Fei-Fei Li, Director of Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Vision Lab, presents the latest in computer vision, trained with a database of 15 million pictures.

X = Responsive Sculptures with a Sense of Humour

Aparna Rao, an artist that works with electro-mechanical systems and interactive installations, shares some of her charming robotic sculptures.

X = Interacting Through the Screen

Jinha Lee, designer and engineer, presents a prototype interface that lets your reach through the screen to manipulate digital objects.

X = 3D Human Dissection

Jack Choi, the CEO of Anatomage, presents a virtual life-size cadaver multi-touch screen table, a 3D medical technology tool for training medical students.

X = Urban Art Installations

Janet Echelman, an artist, creates billowing, flowing, gigantic urban installations with experimental materials and custom software.

X = Data Crunching the Criminal Justice System

Anne Milgram, former attorney general of New Jersey, put together a team of data scientists and statisticians to bring data analytics to the criminal justice system.

X = Deciphering Language

Rajesh Rao, a computational neuroscientist, uses computation to try to decipher the 4000-year-old Indus script.

X = Open Government

Beth Noveck, former deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House, shares progress and vision toward an open government and “writable society”.

X = Animated Molecules

Janet Iwasa, a molecular biologist, introduces a new open-source animation software designed just for scientists.

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